Having reviewed all the available options, we found Essentials by StruM.I.S the best solution to satisfy all our business needs. It is economic and high on returns with its unique inventory management system alone.

Due to a busy schedule, it’s important for us to have a system in place which enables us to track production on a daily basis. Essentials allows us to do exactly that. We are looking forward to working together with the AceCad Team and anticipate the business advantages of the system.

Core Fab Projects

The assemblies feature alone in StruM.I.S enables us to save considerable time when estimating larger jobs. We have confidently and accurately quoted $1M+ jobs in as little as 2 hours!

Global Metals Corporation USA

We were impressed by the functionality of the StruM.I.S system which covers our requirements from estimating through production and delivers the management reporting we require, together with integration with our other systems.

A.C. Bacon UK

We choose StruM.I.S because of its capabilities as a tailor made solution for the Steel Fabrication Industry. StruM.I.S will enable us to connect our departments and enhance our workflow into fabrication - all in a process orientated framework which will support our commitment to quality.

Modern Prefab Systems Pvt. Ltd. India

We are very happy with our investment in StruM.I.S and the subsequent training we are receiving, and we anticipate the business advantages of the system throughout the delivery of our steelwork contracts.

Aasia Steel Saudi Arabia

StruM.I.S effectively provides the business with a factory production control system through which all aspects of a project are controlled, ranging from the early estimating of a contract right through to the completion and handover of the erected framework.

The B&B Group UK

StruM.I.S enables us to be more competitive by realizing efficiencies across our business, particularly in production. We appreciate especially that the StruM.I.S system enables us to be process driven and effective, with everything we need for project traceability.

Beth Adams - EvadX Ltd UK

We have been very happy with StruM.I.S. It has worked together efficiently, from the preliminary take-off, to the detailing and fabrication, and finally erection; the material can be tracked, even if the piece marks change. This system is also great for keeping track of older inventory in order to utilize all the materials available. Also - out of all the estimating programs I have used this is by far the best.

Rick Blattner - Blattner Steel Company USA

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